Ganro 200mm diameter CNC rotary table without motor, can be prepared to suit any interface at additional cost (see our interface listings for details and costs for external interface (motor, switch, cable and connector requirements if you already have a 4th axis interface in the machine) and machine interface costs (if you do not have the additional axis fitted).

Motor is mounted to the right side on this device and leaves the total through hole capability should you want to machine long bar components that need to be mounted through the centre hole of the table. If this device style may be an issue due to width of the unit, such as collision with machine doors with Y axis travel forward, you should look at rear mounted motor versions such as model type DR-B.

In selecting a side mount motor version you should consider the Y axis travel of the machine and if there would be any interference between the guard of the rotary table and the doors of the machine, particularly when referencing the machine as a lot of VMC machines reference with the Y axis travelling to the front of the machine, towards the operator.

This is an ideal design of product for any VMC machine, particularly those with a good working envelope. The usual collision issues only generally appear with the older DC motorised machines where the motors are much longer than the digital counterpart, such as the Bridgeport VMC with SEM motor on the Heidenhain TNC370 controlled devices.

Ganro products are a very high quality unit, incredible value for money and come with a 2 year warranty to back up the manufacturer’s confidence in their product. CNCROTARY.COM are main agents for the product and can therefore support it fully throughout its lifetime.

This device is ideal for the smaller VMC machine up to and including around 760 in X. Due to the carrying capacity however, if you have a larger VMC and are doing relatively light work you could mount this device on a raiser block and swing larger diameters than its standard design suggests.

Additional equipment available for this device would be a 160mm or 200mm 3 jaw chuck and backplate and matching tailstock.

Carrying capacity vertically unsupported 100kg or 200kg with matching tailstock.

Net weight 75kg

If not in stock can be ordered on short lead time - contact technical sales. 

The model number relates directly to the faceplate diameter.

The Ganro model type R can be used in vertical and horizontal applications, the motor is mounted to the right side of the device and therefore can be laid on its back.

The Ganro model type R is a full contouring 4th axis device. Can be controlled directly from the machine tool control or via a separate programmable box via M signal start.

All Ganro products can be prepared to suit any machine interface and connection, regardless of machine make, model or control type. Please contact our technical sales team should you need further information.

All Ganro products come with a 2 year warranty covering parts and labour.

Please note: This device can take 2 to 3 weeks to prepare for a specific interface.

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