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Pre-owned Zeatz PH-HIRTH-1000 with a 1500 x 1000mm faceplate, for simple indexing of 4 x 90 degree positions, to a very high accuracy. Not to be confused with a rotary table, this is an indexing device, this means the unit will positon manually or automatically to fixed indexing positions and is therefore limited to use at fixed angles only. The benefit however is that, unlike a CNC rotary table which has high installation costs and can be problematical over a long period of time when reproducing the same angles constantly, a hirth coupling will provide very high accuracy (as good as the best direct axis encoder) every time, without fail for as long and as many times as needed.

This model will index to 4 x 90 degree positions, carrying up to a 4 ton component to an accuracy of 3 seconds of arc repeating to 1 second of arc. The unit is operated by hydraulics and requires a hydraulic pack with 2 dual acting valves, one for rise and fall the second for rack forward and rack return, this can be controlled by a very simple PLC modification. We have the hydraulic pack available for this device which is included within this offer. Offered with 12 months parts and labour warranty.

Shipping charges are extra at cost and installation services are available.


Model PH-HIRTH 1500X1000
Faceplate size  1.5m x 1m plain
Carrying capacity  4,000kg
Indexing positions 0, 90, 180 and 270 degrees
Operated by   Hydraulics (30 bar)
Lifting force 20,400 dN
Indexing time 90 degrees 4.5 seconds
Accuracy 3 seconds of arc
Repeatability  Less than 1 second of arc
Weight  2,200kg

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